Machines or devices to mine crypto coins.

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AntMiner D3 17.0GH/s X11 ASIC Dash Miner

A friend of mine got 2 D3 Antminers to mine Dash Digital currency about a month ago. The machines run great and were mining Dashes. Due to some cash crunch he is forced to sell the machines which he purchased for over $10,000 each at a loss and asked me to help him. Please note that we HAVE the miners right now and ready to ship when purchased. Not the pre-orders. We also include the power supply which cost a few hundred dollars. So you can get started to mine right away and it is working. No waiting or worry about having the wrong power supply that can mess up your expensive miner. See pictures. The machines are in excellent condition.They are run in a well ventilated room. The PRICING is for just 1 D3 Ant miner in which a power supply to run 1 Ant Miner is included. If you purchase both by buying 2 of it, we would include a power supply that could run the 2 Ant Miners, which is how we are running now. The dual power supply is 230V that uses a 30amp circuit so make sure you have that. If anybody buy just one, we would update the description right away to let them know they can only get the 1 left over. Note: I don't know if other sellers would tell you this but PLEASE make sure to do your homework and know what you are getting into. From my observation, the miners I have seen are Loud and they could warm up a room pretty quickly adding 20+ degrees in an hour. There are ways to reduce the noise temperature seen on the Internet.