Softwares for the Personal Computer (PC) such as Windows, Microsoft Office, anti-virus, etc.

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Adobe Creative Suite Standard CS2

This is the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard edition that we purchased for about $1000 when it first came out. It is for Windows and contains 3 Install discs, 1 Resources and Extras and a disc that contains 60 minutes of professional training. The serial is in the back of the holding case. Everything is in the original box packaging which is in excellent condition with minor wear. One very IMPORTANT thing to note is that this is an old program so Adobe might turn off their licensing server, which is used to verify the serial number. Adobe would provide with a support link to download the unlocked version. Just wanted to put this out so there is no confusion.

After Dark Version 2.0

Brand new and still sealed in original plastic. Box is in excellent/mint condition.

Art Text

Brand new and still in original box. Sticker seal is a little worn but box have never been opened. Brought it for a project and forgot about it. Box have light shelf wear. This is for a Max OSX 10.4 or later.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 5.0 Essentials

Opened box to verify content. Headset is new and still sealed in original plastic. Software CD rom and key including the manual are there and in excellent condition. Box is also in excellent condition with minor shelf wear.

Norton Internet Security 2011 - 1 User/3 PC [Old Version]

Found this while doing our fall cleaning. Disc is excellent condition and comes in original plastic case and license key for up to 3 PCs. Don't remember if used the key yet but this could be used to save for an upgrade.

Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac [OLD VERSION]

Original box have a little shelf wear, bottom of box have UPC code cut out for rebate. CD, Manual, and key are there.

Symantec Visual Page for MAC

Disc is in excellent condition. Comes in original jewel case. Note that this is for a MAC OS.

Adobe Creative Suites Premium 1.1

This is an Adobe Creative Suite Premium edition my husband paid about $1000 for one of his workstations when it originally came out. The discs are in excellent condition with minor wear and as follows: Install Disc 1, Install Disc 2, Resources and Extras Disk 1. Comes in original plastic disc container with the license keys in the back. This is genuine Adobe software and NOT the education version and is for Windows. This is the original Adobe Creative Suite (CS) and not to be confused with the newer Creative Cloud (CC) version. One last note is that recently Adobe turned off their licensing server to authenticate license keys but they will still honor it and send you the link to validate it.

ColorVision ColorPlus [windows_xp,windows98,windowsME] [cd_rom]

Opened box. ColorVision device help correct monitors and was never used and in excellent condtiion. Manual and disc are in the box along with original packaging. The box have some shelf wear and the front of the box have a ripe that was taped back. Does not affect device use.

Complete Redhat Linux Operating System 5.2 Deluxe

Brand new and still sealed in original plastic. Box is in excellent/mint condition.

Corel Painter 11 Education Edition

Still sealed and box is mint condition.

Microsoft Entourage X for Mac

Box was never opened and in excellent condition with some minor shelf wear.